Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why reality trumps comedy

Occasionally I like to try to write with a more comic slant because, well, some things just strike me funny sometimes and I want to share that with you; I want to make you laugh out loud or at least chuckle a little. If I've done that, this is a good day.

But I swear to Jesus the best, the very best stuff, that's the things that you read in the paper or see on tv or that somehow fall into your lap, the reminders that people are the craziest animals.

I often clip things out of the paper or from other things I read or make notes. And then I find them again (sometimes years later) and I have to figure out what to do then.

Here's one of my favorites that just resurfaced from the rubble on my desk -- clipped from the obituary section of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

In loving memory . . .
Heaven's gates were opened wide
When you with your Cutlass drove inside.
There is absodamnlutely nothing I could ever write as good as this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Epitaphs are curious things, some like "She sleeps alone at last" are the revenge of the living. Others are comments from those who passed "I told you I was sick" attributed to Spike Mulligan.

southern paleocon

9:58 AM  

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