Sunday, August 13, 2006

In praise of wise men

Just got in from a most enjoyable evening with that rarest and most delicious of people, someone who is well read and thoughtful.

I'm not sure when being smart and informed got to be so wrong but I'm most grateful there's at least one person I know who don't wanna be right.

Bless his heart, I was so tickled to be doing this I would probably have kept him up all night if he could have stood it -- he was a good sport about it though, not a lot of guys would put up with a woman that just wanted to talk like this.

It was also rhetoric-free, which was a tremendous joy; these days you can't hardly exchange any words at all without getting shot with the Gatling gun of political commentary.

The evening ended long before we ran out of stuff to talk about. I could stand to do this some more.


Anonymous og said...

Now I'm jealous

11:58 AM  

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