Sunday, July 16, 2006

God's little lanterns

(with apologies to Lord Buckley)

God's little lanterns were twinkling on and off in the heavens.
God's yellow moon was shining down on the cool clear evening.

We have a good sized back yard here, with big old oak trees in the middle of it and lots of greenery of various kinds. Room enough for the dogs to run around and backing into a stand of pines beyond the fence, with that semi-quiet of suburbia; people mowing their lawns, people having cookouts, people shooting up the house next door, you know how it goes.

Sometimes I just take a cup of coffee or a drink to the back deck and sit; it's a good place to be quiet and just be. And that's what I was doing the other night, sitting on the deck and watching the twilight. The lawnmowers and the grill guys were taking a break and I dunno where the shooters were but it was nice and quiet and even a little coolish, a treat after our recent summertime blues.

Twilight deepened and darkened and I saw a firefly, a lightning bug doing circles around the oak trees, twinkling on and off. Reminded me of Lord Buckley, "God's little lanterns twinkling on and off," though he meant stars, it seemed more appropriate to the flashing lovebug. (Though perhaps, like the jitterbug, it plumb evaded me.)

I saw another and another and another and soon the backyard was alight in twinkles and flashes. It was like a lightning bug convention and everybody had their name tag on. Must of been free drinks or something because every lightning bug and his brother was out there. It was as bright and sparkling as the 4th of July, as glittering as Macy's Christmas window, and I was entranced. Watching the light show I felt peace and serenity wrapped around me like a blanket. Whatever else was going on in the world, I was exactly where I was supposed to be and doing what I was supposed to be doing and it was all right and good.

Sat there and watched the show for a long long time. When I finally got up and went to bed I looked out the window and lightning bug love was still happening outside in grand display.

I hope they all got what they came after and achieved their firefly destinies. Like moths, lightning bugs wad their life up into one little roll and then shoot the roll. Perhaps like moths they believe that's what life is for. Thanks for the show, boys.


Anonymous Dana said...

I could almost sense your peacefulness and feel it myself.

10:01 AM  

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